Uma Musume Pretty Derby dashes off in February

Finally, after a long wait that seems like an eternity, Cygames’ horse girl simulation game will finally be available in Japan on 02/24/2022. I really want to play this game ever since I’ve watched the first season of the anime. Unfortunately, I need to wait until Cygames actually considers on having this be released outside of Japan and be available in the west. But considering … Continue reading Uma Musume Pretty Derby dashes off in February

A look at Voltes V Legacy

Voltes V is the very first mecha anime that I’ve watched when I was kid. The anime is all about an alien race called the Boazanians who are bent on invading planet earth using their technologically advanced weapons and giant robots called beast fighters. Earth’s only hope lies on the volt machines which can combine into the super electromagnetic robot called Voltes V. The show … Continue reading A look at Voltes V Legacy

Megaman Legacy Collection 3DS Review

   Rockman (aka as Megaman in the U.S.) is an action platformer made by Capcom which first debuted on the Famicom. The object of the game is very simple: You select a robot master from the stage s00elect screen, navigate Rockman throughout the level while avoiding traps, blast enemies, grab energy capsules to manage your health meter, reach the boss waiting at the end of … Continue reading Megaman Legacy Collection 3DS Review

My unforgettable near death experience

Ever faced death for a split second without the chance to even react? In today’s boring story I bring you the tale where I almost died. It happened a few years ago during my day off. I can still remember it as if it was yesterday… yesterday…. yesterday (incoming flashback accompanied by harp music). The sun was shining as usual and I don’t have any … Continue reading My unforgettable near death experience bids farewell

Like any typical Saturday morning, I would visit to download any anime the site has currently uploaded. However, today was quite different. Instead of the usual links of available anime that would greet me whenever I access the site on my phone, an unfortunate message was posted today. I was shocked and sad at the same time since broke the news that it’s … Continue reading bids farewell

Photon: The Idiot Adventures episode 2 review

We blast off now with the second episode of this 90’s sci-fi comedy OVA featuring a cast of quirky characters only a mother can love. Here we go! SummaryPapacha finally pinpointed the location of Keyne while traveling from outer space. Meanwhile, Keyne finished giving Photon a bath and assessed the damage on her ship. They get on a smaller ship and set off to the … Continue reading Photon: The Idiot Adventures episode 2 review